Marking nine years since Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity & Georgia’s hybrid defeat — and why the West must understand both to see the way ahead

March 2022

A brief note on a very strange day
Ukraine sees how to fight Putin. But they also see a chance for a different future between the West and Russia. We must take it.
If we want the war to stay in Ukraine, we have to win it in Ukraine.

February 2022

For eight years, Ukraine has been the West’s shield against Russian aggression. Now, it is the spear.

January 2022

It’s time to conceptualize a Kremlin defeat
Great Power is pleased to bring you this guest post from Eerik-Niiles Kross, a former Estonian intelligence director and current Member of Parliament…

December 2021

Lithuania’s Foreign Minister evaluates Russia’s latest military buildup
When I arrived in Kyiv in early December 2014, it was bitterly cold. At night, a crystalline fog would descend. In the morning, the trees were coated in…

November 2021

Giving thanks for everyone who showed up to help in the Afghanistan evacuation and the aftermath — even though nobody asked

August 2021

Can we evacuate 300,000 people from Afghanistan? It doesn’t matter if this wasn’t the question we wanted to answer. It’s the only question now. And…
By failing to learn the lessons from Georgia, did we encourage the Kremlin to pursue its disruptive course?