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This war, this clear divide between good and evil, provides a profound opportunity to tamp down the growing fires of autocratic zeal seen throughout the West. Yes, this fight is not only about Ukraine. It will define the course of Western civilization, or mark the beginnings of its collapse.

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Abyss or salvation

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This is a good series that fleshes out what I have felt was the fundamental strategic importance of this conflict from the very beginning:

As goes Ukraine, so goes Taiwan, so goes the entire 21st century.

This is the fulcrum on which the fate of 2 or 3 generations will balance.

The free and modern world can win here in Ukraine (and I mean TRULY win, by fighting Putin and driving him back out of Ukraine, to a Russian people that oust him), which will require tremendous effort and sacrifice that send a message around the globe, or we can slowly limp towards a dystopian era of dictators who grind against freedom led by the likes of China and Putin, which prop up little Orbans and Lukashenkos everywhere to steal from their people and crush anyone who dares to seek freedom.

Now is the hour when history calls upon the free world to step forward and fight like our future depends on it, because it does.

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